Violinist: Shen Yun ‘an experience for all the senses’

February 6, 2017

“I thought it was wonderful, beautiful, an experience for all the senses, really.”

“I’m actually a violin player—a real treat to see the erhu perform and to see it live, it was beautifully done. Just to experience how it’s similar but also unique, compared with the European violin that I know—really a special experience.

“A lot of people around us gasped at the [digital backdrop] and were reacting audibly to what was going on on stage.”

“It [tenor’s lyrics] reflects a universal human feeling. The struggle that we all go through, where sometimes that feeling that your earthly pursuits, what it’s all come to, we are working for a treasure that we don’t get to keep. Finding comfort in knowing that there is something greater than this, I think it’s very meaningful.”