Mainland Chinese Visitor: I Feel All of My Cells Purified

March 25, 2014 Updated: March 29, 2014

TAOYUAN, TaiwanShen Yun Performing Arts International Company’s 2014 fourth show at the Taoyuan County Performing Arts Center, on the afternoon of March 23, attracted a full-house as always. The performance demonstrating 5,000 years of authentic Chinese culture and deeply moved the audience from the other side of the Taiwan Straits as well.

Among the mainland Chinese audience was Ms. Qin from China’s Dalian City. After watching the Shen Yun performance, she said in tears: “Shen Yun is so beautiful. It’s really fantastic. During the two hours or so, I was in a very excited and joyful mood.”

“I feel all of my cells purified,” she said about the classical Chinese dance and music company.

She further explained that she felt as if she was “overwhelmed by a very peaceful atmosphere. Hopefully, all of China can also be immersed in this kind of atmosphere.”

“My whole body was full of joy from the bottom of my heart. The feeling is not like excitement due to making much money or gaining a lot of benefit. It’s the feeling that the entire body was very peaceful, and my heart and soul are very peaceful and feel pleasant.”

“I feel my soul is purified, and even all of my cells are purified as well. It made me feel very comfortable deep inside my heart. That is, whatever you have lost or whenever you’ve been treated unfairly in any circumstance, your heart could be comforted (by Shen Yun).”

“It (Shen Yun) is so wonderful. Every program is so magnificent. I kept clapping, and felt that the energy field on the stage is so good and so special. It is totally different what I saw in mainland China in the past. It is very harmonious, and extremely peaceful and made me feel comfortable.”

“The entire show was full of harmony and peacefulness, without any flaunting. Every movement seemed to radiate the beauty from deep inside of them. It was that kind of feeling. Without showing off the techniques, every (movement) seemed to be from deep inside in a natural manner.”

Stressing that she enjoyed each program, Ms. Qin said, “As soon as the soprano started to perform, I felt that her sounds were so beautiful and natural. As to the lyrics, my enlightenment is that it urges people to cultivate themselves, so as to eliminate karma and return to heaven.”

“Speaking of the dance dramas, such as the programs depicting the stories of Ze Zha, Monkey King, they are the legendary stories we have been quite familiar since our childhood. They are really wonderful, and the connotation of these stories is to uphold virtue and condemn evil.”

Ms. Qin said she was very lucky to have come across a Falun Gong practitioner at a tourist attraction the other day. “I told him that I planned to see Shen Yun, but I had difficulty booking the tickets. He thus called others to make the arrangement for me. Upon my arrival at the place … I took a bus to Taipei, and rushed to the venue here at 1:50 p.m. As soon as I was seated in the performing hall, the show began right away. It was indeed a wonderful arrangement.”

In this regard, Ms. Qin was more than delighted. She exclaimed, “I think I am really very lucky.”

“Shen Yun artists, you are indeed really remarkable,” she said.

Reporting by Long Fang and Bill Xu

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