Videographer Loves Shen Yun’s Color Scheme

February 23, 2018

“It was beautiful. I loved the color scheme, especially the pinks and the green, the purple. The way that the dancers interacted with the screen was very interesting—I loved that part.”

“I thought [the soloist] was beautiful. I liked the idea of anti-oppression, and how art is sort of also anti-oppression. I liked that whole message.”

“I think the costumes were just amazing. We all loved the long sleeves, and I appreciated the way the dresses sort of had a gradient. They went from a solid color at the waist down to the white at the floor—it was just so pretty.”

“My congratulations to the dancers. I just was so impressed with the dancers, and the way that they made everything seem so effortless. The movements seemed easy, by watching their performance, I thought maybe I could do flips like that. But I know that it’s an incredible talent that they have.”

“I thought actually there was a lot of masculinity and femininity in the performance—that was very interesting, how a lot of the numbers were either women only or men only.”

“I [brought] my whole family here, so it was a special night. This was a gift from my dad.”

“I would definitely recommend the Shen Yun performance. I think it was artfully done throughout the whole experience, between the costumes, the dancers, the media, and the music, incredible.”