Vice President Inspired by Shen Yun’s Positive Energy

April 9, 2017

“I loved it! It’s my second time … it’s been fabulous.”


“The pageantry, the music is brilliant. In fact, I think the music is just as good as the dancing. I really appreciate that … it’s well-conducted, beautiful orchestra. As we learned, it’s a mixture if Western and Eastern instruments, and its very exciting music. It’s never dull.”


“I feel inspired. I’m also very curious too, to learn more about the Falun Dafa beliefs and culture. I think it’s something we can all appreciate and learn from … the positive energy that flows from this, and obviously the terrible experience that occurred in Communist China.” 


“I would encourage anybody to come see the show, and as they said every year it’s a different show, it’s a different set of stories. I also like the humor. I think half the stories were humorous and very light-hearted. A few serious moments, but over all a very entertaining show.”