Veteran French Politician: Shen Yun a ‘World of Great Poetry’

May 16, 2018

“The adjective is wonderful. Wonderful, in the literal sense of the term. That is to say that we enter a world of great poetry.”

“Behind it, there is great poetry, and it means many things, it expresses many things. There’s visual expressionism and inherent impressionism.”

“We find some movements [in classical Chinese dance], some foundations of classical [Western] dance that we know, but with more movements, more forms, more beauty, more grace. A lot of grace.”

“It’s a journey, we’re offered, a nice journey to China.”

“It makes you want to do something else, to look a little bit at the different dynasties, to see a little what has been created, what has been done, because in the end I think they invented the art of living long before we did.”

“It’s a beautiful staging of human values. That, I believe, is one of the aims of this show. … It’s beautiful.”