‘Very Different From Communist China’: Japanese Hospital President Grateful for Shen Yun

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UTSUNOMIYA, Japan—A Japanese hospital president saw Shen Yun Performing Arts, and praised its “perfect choreography” and skilled dancers.

Shen Yun dancers’ skills are really super high and the dances are very beautiful,” said Mr. Fujita Hajime, the president of Fujita Hospital, after attending Shen Yun at the Tochigi Prefecture Cultural Center in Utsunomiya on Jan. 22.

“The male dancers are agile, fast-paced, and intense. You won’t find anyone like them in Japan,” he said. “The female dancers are so elegant and graceful. Their movements are far beyond the skills that Japanese dancers have.”

Mr. Fujita said the experience was tremendously entertaining.

“The stage and backdrop coordinate with each other seamlessly, as if one entity … the backdrop is so vivid, clear, clean, and beautiful. This technology is really extraordinary,” he said.

He felt it delivered a special cultural value as well.

“The performance presented traditional values and the spirit of the ethnicities. These are very different from Communist China,” he said. “The ancient Chinese people placed great emphasis on the connection between humans and divine beings.”

New York-based Shen Yun is the world’s top classical Chinese dance company, and has a mission to show the beauty and goodness of “China before communism.”

For 5,000 years China’s civilization was built on values and virtues from the spiritual teachings of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.

‘It Has Just Been Therapy for the Soul’

Mr. Masukawa Masahiro is the director of the Junshan Folklore Museum. He attended Shen Yun with his wife and daughter.

“The show is outstanding. It’s richer than my expectations,” he said. “When the curtain lifted, the stage was full of clouds, and a magnificent scene emerged from the clouds. I was shocked when I saw it. I couldn’t control myself and shouted ‘Wow!’”

Mr. Masukawa was impressed by the dancers.

“From their achievements on the stage, I can imagine how much effort it took. I think they are very admirable. I was very impressed by how great their dances are,” he said.

Mr. Masukawa was surprised by Shen Yun’s orchestra, which blends ancient instruments like the Chinese lute pipa and two-stringed erhu into a classical orchestra.

“It only has two strings but can produce various sounds. Its tone is very soft, and the music is very relaxing and smooth. It has just been therapy for the soul and can the fatigue of daily life,” he said.

Mr. Masukawa said he recommended Shen Yun: “The show is amazing!”

Epoch Times Photo
Mr. Masukawa Masahiro, the director of Junshan Folklore Museum, attends Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Tochigi Prefecture Cultural Center with his wife and daughter in Utsunomiya, Japan, on Jan. 22, 2023. (Niu Bin/The Epoch Times)

Each Shen Yun performance consists of nearly 20 vignettes, presented through highly-expressive art forms such as classical Chinese dance, original orchestral music performed live, soloists who sing in the bel canto tradition, animated digital backdrops, and more.

‘Now I Want to Know More About the Chinese Culture’

Mr. Shimada Tatsuo enjoyed the erhu as well. He said Shen Yun opened a new door for him, in which he saw the rich Chinese culture.

“This is the first time I attended a show that presents classical Chinese dance and traditional Chinese culture. I enjoyed it very much,” he said. “Now I want to know more about the Chinese culture,” he said.

Mr. Shimada is the factory president of a well-known Japanese electric company. He said Shen Yun is the best in many aspects, such as the beauty of the costumes, the orchestra’s performance, and the dancers’ skills.

“The female dancers’ movements are smooth as water, chic, and exquisite,” he said. “The male dancers’ movements are so cheerful and valiant.”

Mr. Okazaki Yoshitaka was the president of a transportation company. He said he couldn’t control his tears when he saw the beauty of Shen Yun.

“I have never seen a show as beautiful as Shen Yun. Every aspect is very well designed,” he said. “Wonderful!”

Mr. Watanabe Akira, the president of a company, concluded: “I think the beauty of Shen Yun artists comes from their hearts. … Without having a beautiful heart, a musician can’t compose this kind of beautiful music.”

Reporting by Epoch Times Staff in Utsunomiya, Japan.

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