Venture Capitalist Says He’s Speechless After Watching Shen Yun

April 8, 2018

“I love this performance. I’ve really enjoyed so far experiencing all the different culture, the talent—it’s beautiful.”

“I love these dancers. I’ve seen a lot of theater, I’m big on theater, so I’ve seen a lot of musical talent, a lot of dance talent. But the [Shen Yun dancers are] original and unique and capture the history of China. I’m speechless, I’ve really been enjoying it.”

“I love having that music, it’s haunting. Some of it takes me back in time. Some of it just stops me a little bit and makes me think, but it’s beautiful.”

“That’s one of the biggest parts of the magic of the show—their ability to tell the story, even without language, without words. I understand exactly what’s going on, it’s touching. And the ability of the dancers to move with music and capture the whole story, that’s what’s really entertaining me tonight.”

“[I] absolutely [felt divine energy]. That’s exactly what I would say. There’s a very spiritual, powerful—there’s a changing feeling in there. So, I’m really at peace right now.”

“I didn’t expect it. I would have to say it took me by surprise. I expected to have a good show, but I’m having an experience tonight. I’m feeling surprised, pleasantly, beautifully.”

“Absolutely [I’m gaining insight into Chinese culture]. That’s what I’m enjoying tonight. Again, this is stepping back in time, taking a deep, emotional, spiritual look at the culture, and watching the talent.”