Two Generations of Dancers Admire Shen Yun Choreography

January 21, 2018

“It’s amazing. I think it’s a very beautiful performance. I loved to see the history of China—it’s beautiful.”

“I think [the female dancers] are absolutely beautiful—their kicks and their costumes, the way they move their arms. I love it. It’s stunning. And also the male dancers, all their tumbling and [other movements]. It’s just incredible. … It looks very difficult. I’m very impressed. Being a dancer myself, I’m impressed by all this.”

“I think maybe I could use some of the techniques that they show in my own dance. The way they move their arms, it’s very graceful, … and I love the way they flow on the stage.”

“The choreography is beautiful, the way everything lines up and creates these beautiful images on the stage. I see a perfectly placed stage and I think they’ve set it up very nicely.”

“[The dance titled ‘Ladies of the Qing Dynasty,’ in which the dancers wear elevated ‘flower pot’ shoes,] looks very impressive. I don’t know if I could dance in heels of that size. … That’s just amazing.”

“I would recommend it [to my friends]. I would tell them it’s a beautiful show and they should definitely come and watch it because it really inspires you and shows you all the creativity and the Chinese culture.”

“My mom and my grandma came with me. It was a Christmas gift from my grandma because I was a dancer and she knew I’d appreciate this art form. My grandma did dance, and also my mom was a dancer, so I think she figured we’d appreciate it.”