Trumpet Player Enjoyed Shen Yun Orchestra’s Blend of Instruments

February 24, 2017

“Amazing with the dances, the color combinations, the lighting was wonderful, the cleverness of the design, the pattern design of integrating the [digital backdrop] into the live acting was clever, and great variety, wonderful variety.”

“Oh my goodness, all of them [impressed], but I think the color and costume were the most amazing aspect of it for me, and I love the erhu performer, she was magnificent, I’ve never heard an instrument like that, it’s just so expressive.”

“I was a music teacher. The composing was wonderful, absolutely wonderful, the combination of the Chinese instruments and more Western instruments wonderfully blended; it was just very amazing, and the talent of the trumpet player, because I was a trumpet player, the trumpet player was very good.”

“There’s a way to express spirituality through the use of the dance, music, lyrics of the singers, I think the spirituality was evident throughout.”

“I’m very happy, it’s just a very wonderful experience for the whole evening, it’s a little warm inside.”

“I would recommend to anyone who had never seen something like this before, wonderful experience.”