‘Truly an Honor’ to See Shen Yun, Says CEO

January 8, 2018

“It is truly a beautiful performance. Everything from the choreography, how the costumes are beautifully color-coordinated, along with the live orchestra.”

“It was amazing to see how they were able to pair the backdrop and the colours of their costumes, and being able to dance from onstage dancing to then jumping into a screen [the animated backdrop] behind. They really were able to synchronize the two together flawlessly.”

“It’s been lovely to see the story of ancient China and how beautiful and divine it is on the inside and on the outside—and the opportunity for the Chinese culture to come out here in Toronto.”

“It’s important to show inner beauty because the day to day of modernism really, as they explained, ruins us. And so sadly, yes, we get involved in our day-to-day routine and we forget about the important things in life. This really is a nice awakening to think and slow down, and to remember what’s important in life, and to appreciate the finer things in life of just being good and having good ethics, good values, and good morals.”

“What’s beautiful is that although sometimes ethics and morals may be compromised by government or by our society, it’s important that people can voice those ethics, and people can be free to practice whatever values they may have. And that’s what’s most beautiful about this opportunity, that Shen Yun can do that here in Canada.”

“To come here to this performance, … and to witness this is truly an honor.”

“[After seeing the show, I have a] feeling of calmness, happiness—calm, beauty, happiness.”

“It’s a wonderful performance, the beauty of seeing costumes, colors, music—live music. … I would definitely recommend it to everyone to watch.”