‘True Culture of China’ Inspires International Insurance Agents

February 1, 2018

Linda Adair:

“[Shen Yun] is fantastic. We have travelled to China, and we have seen some of the oppression that they live with. And we find the show very inspirational. We wish the people could see it. It’s a beautiful show. It’s wonderful, and it’s phenomenal.”

“They have such precision, and everything that they do, they give so much of themselves to be able to do this. It’s just so wonderful, and they are such professionals.”

“I love seeing the beauty in which they dance and bringing out the true customs and the true culture of China.”

“The more time they spend showing [Shen Yun] to everyone in the world, the more the people will understand more about the true culture of China, not what they see in the Communist China, because that’s still so much a part of China now. Even though they opened it up to people, and everyone can go to things like Tiananmen Square, it’s still the culture in China. And that’s not the people, that’s the government.”

Ebee Adair:

“I enjoyed the background as much as I enjoyed the acting, because of the countryside we’ve been in China, and it is beautiful. We love it.”

“The choreography is just phenomenal.”

“The athletics are phenomenal. The tumbling, the dancing, the timing, and everything is beautiful.”

“Everybody should see it.”