Touched by the Whole Philosophy of Shen Yun

February 27, 2017

“We loved the show. We thought the dancing was beautiful. The costumes, the orchestra was excellent. We loved the entire production.”

“We both are familiar with string instruments, and we’ve played them but we’re not performers on them. But the fact that our [violin] bow is always on top of the string, but this [erhu] bow is… the string is between the bow … this hair of the bow. So that was very interesting for us and very unusual and of course no frets on the fingerboard. And we have never seen this instrument played before live. … We were very impressed and it’s beautiful! And I listened to it and it did sound—during the show, throughout the show—like a voice. Like a singer. … The instrument sounded like singing.”

“We relate to that [the spirituality]. I mean, it’s very much like our religious belief in creation and that mankind should be compassionate and kind and truthful. So that message, I think, was very familiar to us and very clear to us. And it made me think that our cultures are very much alike even though [China’s] is much older. But we have the same values for our culture.”

“We were touched by the whole philosophy of the Shen Yun. It was moving. It was a moving experience.”