Touched by Shen Yun: Former Ballet Dancer in Tears

May 7, 2018

“You can see their spirit, it’s wonderful.”

“[After seeing the piece ‘Unprecedented Crime’,] I started to cry … then my whole body was shaken with tears. That story really got to me. I had the impression that it had the sadness of the Chinese people behind it. And this sadness is one of loss of culture, of loss of the freedom to believe what one wants to believe, the loss of what one finds right. That’s the deepest point that touched me in the show.”

“The other thing that really touched me, really happily, was the humor.”

“[Reflecting on the piece ‘The Divine Renaissance Begins’], it is always a divinity who comes to Earth, we wait for our savior to change this society in which we live. It touched us so much, we were in tears, really. It also gives us the strength to continue despite all the difficulties in life.”