‘To find ourselves, find our inner self’ at Shen Yun

January 5, 2018

“It [Shen Yun] gets you back to real truthful things in life, right paths. In today’s time, I think it is very important to connect with that real stuff.”

“I think it [Shen Yun] really gives people the Hope. And today’s time, so many things are happening and like they say, people get lost, they lose themselves. I think this is very important getting them back on track. To find ourselves, find our inner self, I think that was one of the points of the show too. … Like they said, ‘Connecting to the Divine.’”

“Definitely, there is a beauty of the divine on the stage.”

“This is something you’ll remember for your whole life. I’m sure I’ll watch it again. I was glad when I heard there are five groups. I’m sure these young people, they sacrifice a lot. They love it, they work very hard. I wish all the best really.”

“They become more understanding of different cultures. More respecting of other people at the same time. Obviously respecting themselves too. I think they should watch something like this, it is unique. It’s up to perfection, you watch this performance, you know how much they worked. It is hard to grasp everything watching it once.”