Tips to Save Money on Real Food

BY Wesley Shank TIMEJune 30, 2022 PRINT

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to eat more healthy meals this year?

Did you ask yourself how it’s going to happen with an already tight budget and prices on the rise everywhere you look?

Today I’ll give you four tips so you can save money and still feed your family high integrity, nutrient-dense foods.

Don’t Waste It

Food waste is a serious problem in our nation.

20% of the food people buy is never eaten… That means out of $500 spent on food, $100 worth is thrown away.

If there is one thing our family and team hates the most, it is seeing perfectly good food go to waste. Especially when it’s a truly pastured, chemical-free foods your farmer poured so much time and energy into. For example, one customer reported some black spots on their Thanksgiving turkey and threw out the bird. Occasionally heritage turkeys will have skin spots from their dark feather pigmentation. This is totally normal and does not affect the quality of the meat in the least.

We would’ve been glad to give them a full refund and get the bird returned rather than see the entire turkey go to waste.


Buy 5 or 10 Packs and Save

Some farms create mini-savings options so you don’t need a chest freezer to get volume discounts. If the item you are buying has a 5 or 10 pack savings option use it! A few dollars saved on multiple items can easily add up to $20 saved on every order.

Store the extra packs in your freezer, enjoy the convenience of nutrient-dense protein on hand and feel good about saving money.


Don’t Go for Top Dollar Meats

If you want to lower costs and still eat clean, delicious and nutritious foods don’t go for the specialty cuts.

Eat savory crock-pot roasts instead of steaks. Or if you’re really craving steak, choose a Sirloin or London Broil. Both are top-notch-delicious if you don’t sear too hard or overcook.

Use Mom’s Whole Chicken Dinner Recipe and then use bones and bits of meat to simmer for a second meal of nourishing soup.

Or save a ton of money on chicken parts and cut up a whole bird! Here’s a video I made to show exactly how to cut through each joint and part out the chicken. With a little practice anyone can do it.

Use Meal Replacing Smoothies

I personally drink plain Raw Milk or a milk based smoothie for at least one meal every day. Raw Milk Kefir Fruit Smoothies give your gut a healthy probiotic boost.

These options will give you a nutritious meal for under $3. My glass-of-milk-meal costs about $1 and the kefir smoothie is only $1-2 if you make kefir at home.


Please let me know in the comments if you have another savings idea to share.


I’d love to hear from you!





Your Family Farmer grows Chemical-Free, Antibiotic-Free, GMO-Free, and Soy-Free foods that are Truly Pastured and Humanely Raised. Your Family Farmer delivers raw Jersey Cow milk, 100% grass-fed beef, pastured chicken, woodland pork and more to pickup locations across PA and ships most foods to the 48 Continental States through UPS Home Delivery.




Wesley Shank
Wesley Shank is a 5th generation farmer who enjoys providing people with high quality, organically pastured, soy-free foods from the Family Cow farm.
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