‘This is such a wonderful culture that it should be honored’

March 25, 2018

“It’s not the first time I’ve seen it. I really, really liked it. I think the [animated backdrop]—the technical aspect of people jumping out of the scenery and onto the stage—it’s magical.”

“What I like about this particular show is the spiritual connotation. It has a wonderful spiritual connotation that we’re all on this earth to do good and there’s lots of cause and effect. And there’s beauty [in the show].”

“The music is wonderful; it’s all pentatonic. We really, really like it. Beautiful music.”

“I think that all cultures should honor their traditions, and I would like to see the Chinese people on our continent here in America and Canada honour the Chinese culture. … It’s thousands of years old. The harmonics of music, the costumes, the culture—that should [all] be honored.”

“I think this is such a wonderful culture that it should be honored and should be revived.”

“I really wish them well in that hopefully there will be a breakthrough in China sooner or later. If the good reigns, then sooner or later it may happen.”

“[The music makes me feel] happy, positive, and hope. [Shen Yun] is hopeful.”