‘This has been over-the-top impressive,’ Independent Consultant Says

March 13, 2018

“This has been over-the-top impressive. The colors, the dancing, the music—I mean this is one of the best shows I have ever seen.”

“The scenery [digital backdrop] in the back … the colors and everything, incredible, and the way the dancers on the floor could actually move back to the screen and actually go into the screen—so special.”

“I found myself getting emotional on some of the dancing and the music. It was just gorgeous—fantastic.”

“You just get a really warm feeling on the inside that kind of wells up in you. … Kind of like being a kid on Christmas morning when you first go downstairs and you see the Christmas tree—when the curtain goes up and you see all the colors and the dancing and the music. It was just special.”

“Seeing the God up there [in the digital backdrop], and as they came down. … I could make that relationship and that is how it became so emotional for me.”

“I have seen many, many, many shows, but I have never seen the colors that I have seen in this show—the greens, the blues, the peach colors, or the apricot colors—the vibrance, the mixture. … Very special.”