‘This experience won’t end tonight,’ Artist Says

January 29, 2017

“The costumes were magnificent. …The combination of colors was just exquisite. … You could feel the colors. … It was very alive, very vibrant, and very dynamic.”


“I’ve been fortunate, I’ve seen a lot of ballet, a lot of modern dance, and [the dancers’] precision—you can’t do any better than that in terms of human form and movement.”


“The musicians were stellar. They were really exquisite, quite good. … The music seems to connect really well to my interest in Lao Zi and Buddha. So for me, there’s some type of connection.”

“I will see this, play this through my mind many times because this experience won’t end tonight. Absolutely. I mean it could be six months to a year from now, and I could be seeing this, and I’ll see colors and movement, and I’ll hear the music.”