Theatergoers Express High Praise for Shen Yun

April 23, 2017

Beti Kristof:

“We all love the show. We love the message. You should get out there and show it to the world.” 

“I loved it. It was visual sensually stimulating. I just love everything about it. … It was visually very delightful. I was enchanted.” 

“I was very pleasantly surprised [by the digital backdrop]. I felt like a child again. It was like Christmas.” 

“I’d recommend it to anybody.”

I’ve seen a lot of Vegas shows, because I am from Las Vegas, and I know Shen Yun goes to Las Vegas. But I know what goes into a show like this. I’ve done quite a few drawings for shows. … The talent was tremendous. You know these artists have worked a lot. We were commenting on how beautiful it was choreographed. Just amazing.” 

“What I found so amazing here is [that Shen Yun is] one person’s idea, and other people followed. They built on the idea, they built on the vision, they built on the message, and here they are, five [touring dance companies], out in the world, creating this, to make a difference in the world.” 

“It’s so inspirational to see an idea given a little watering and other people coming to it and supporting it for people to understand that we are not alone. Like you are not alone as a Chinese culture, the Hungarians aren’t alone, all these different nations fighting for their own culture, it’s amazing. You can hold on to it. It’s important to have. It’s important for our children to know where they come from.”

“It was beautiful and colorful, and I felt really inspired by the whole experience. It really was one of those experiences where you want to share it with the world and to think that maybe one person had this amazing idea and message that they wanted to project and all these other people came on board to create this beautiful performance, and I love the message.” 

As an artist, I also express myself and I found it was a message about your divinity, and your self expression, and being able to express that in a way that you could share it with the world, where as in some countries you’re not allowed to, and that was very, very, strongly brought home to me, and that’s why I think it really should be spread out into the world. Everybody should see this. Its beautiful.”

“I loved the message that they (vocal soloists) were sharing with everybody. Very much about being in touch with your own self worth, and your divinity, and your expression. As an artist, I’m very much aware of that, and I know a lot of people have lost that and are looking for something to regain that again into their lives because that’s really what makes us unique as people. How we communicate with others is when we are in touch with who we are. That was something that’s so very important to share with the world.” 

“I wanted to wear those dresses, and I want to dance like that. I could feel it, and it was beautifully choreographed, of course, and you know all the precision and all the work that went into it and just to make sure that everything was just precisely done. The flowers, the fans, the everything that was imagined from how it looks from the audience is all a work of beautiful artistry so I really appreciated that.

Oh the orchestra. Yes. Its all live music! Thank you! That’s beautiful and just the beautiful sound of that…

“[The erhu] was transformational. … I closed my eyes, and I just wanted to feel it because of what the emcees had said earlier was [that music] connects with your soul, it connects with your being, and [the ancient Chinese] use it as a healing process. I just wanted to close my eyes and just feel it kind of moving through my body, my soul and really experience it for what it was meant to be.” 

“People are scared of talking about the divine. They’re also very afraid of talking about — if you want to call it religion or spirituality — in public anymore, which is a real shame. [It’s the same with] the political climate, and about communism and socialism, or whatever — that people are now afraid to talk about. … The world needs to see it for what it is, from the people who have actually experienced it.” 

“I know that when I wake up in the morning tomorrow I’m going to feel this surge of a renewed spirit.” 

“I did not know what to expect. It is so much more human, a human communication rather than a big production type of thing. It was people connecting with people. That’s how I felt.”

Greg Peckham:

“I love the show. I love the message, and I just found it unique.” 

“The Hungarians struggled for several years to protect their culture and we can see the Chinese struggled to protect their culture as well. I think that’s an extremely important message and was one that was well taken when we watched the show today.”

“There are tyrannical forces trying to wipe out the traditional culture, and in favor of something that is foreign.” 

“[The digital backdrop] was phenomenal, that was really brilliant. I laughed every time I saw it.”

“I enjoyed the show tremendously for all of those reasons.” 

“It’s extraordinary, I’d recommend the show to anyone.”