Theatergoer: Shen Yun Touches My Soul

March 26, 2017

“[I] feel the spirit of what they are expressing, so it touches my soul. We are all one. We’re all trying to express that same thing, and we are all trying to find our own purpose of why we are here and to express that in different ways.”

“I feel the connection — the whole planet is slowly waking up to the true purpose in why they are here, and so I felt the heart of it. To me it was enlightenment. 

“We are all waking up to realize that we are all divine beings. That is what it is all about. Life is all about waking up. That’s what I felt. It’s exciting.”

“Yes, we are waking up to realize who we are, and what our purpose is, and I love the expression. Music speaks to our soul — whether in dance, or a form of music, or a form of art. And I just thought the beauty of the costumes — everything. It’s just beautiful. It’s very beautiful.

“You need to go to see it. Yeah we all need to be inspired and have something positive, and to know that we are much more than a physical being, … we are free inside, and that is the freedom that I feel when they are dancing and expressing that. Nobody can take that spirit from us.”