Theatergoer Sheds Tears of Joy: ‘It’s like Heaven on Earth’

April 3, 2017

“I think it’s amazing. The hard work that the performers put into it — you can really see it on the stage. It’s wonderful, and like my husband said, it comes to life from the background screen all the way out [onto the stage], and the story is wonderful, it’s heartbreaking at times, and happy. (In tears) I’m sorry; it’s tears of joy. It’s that good.” 

“It’s very touching, yes, extremely touching to me.” 

“I can’t say there’s one best part, it’s all wonderfully synchronized, and you can tell the dancers have a love for one another. It’s an awesome show.” 

“I think this is a wonderful production. This was the first year I heard about it, and then when I saw it on the commercials, I thought, ‘I have to go see this,’ and I was so excited to be here.” 

“[The digital projection is] magical, it’s wonderful, it comes to life.”

“I feel wonderful. … I didn’t know this didn’t start in China. It started in New York because in China you can’t put on productions like this. It’s amazing what the people can do to … come together and perform such a wonderful, awesome show.” 

“My life was just saved not too long ago, and to come and see this, it is like heaven on earth.”