Theatergoer Sees Hopeful Themes in Shen Yun

January 14, 2018

“I was very impressed. I think that it’s a beautiful production—the elaborate nature of the dance, the different eras that it depicts, the costumes, the pageantry. … Each story is done in such a beautiful and elaborate manner that we were all very impressed.”

“There were so many different aspects [that stood out to me]: the soprano, the erhu [the two-stringed traditional Chinese instrument]—everything brings beauty and heightened awareness. Also the spirituality—the fact that unfortunately in the regime today in China, a lot of these things such as spirituality and meditation cannot be openly expressed is a sad commentary.”

“I think the way [the performance] is done is very elegant. … I think there’s one central common theme—that we all strive for a better world with more peace and harmony.”