Theatergoer in Frankfurt Is Spellbound at Shen Yun

May 3, 2017

“Shen Yun was enchanting. One is spellbound throughout the show and feels so light. It was not easy to wait for the next scene, what one would be shown and how the emcees would present it to the audience—one learns so much from this entire performance.”

“The dancers were marvelous, especially how they glided over the stage. One is like under a charm.”

“I learned where the dances originated, the approximate time period when they were brought to the public, and about the beauty of the Chinese culture.”

“The diversity was amazing, something that was not expected before the show.”

“I got the impression, at the beginning of Shen Yun, that this show is given divine guidance. This is why the dances were so enchanting.”

“The backdrop was unusual and amazing. Every picture highlighted the performance on the stage. All this helped feeling familiarity with the Shen Yun show.”