Retired Media Salesperson Finds Shen Yun Exciting, Educational and Cultural

April 13, 2018

“I think it is extremely exciting. It’s educational. It’s cultural. It should teach the people who leave here tonight a lot about the history of China as it came along, to where we are almost today. It is very fascinating.”

“I was really drawn to the message that was on the screen [digital backdrop], about the Creator, the need for the Creator, and people want to join in with Heaven—very inspirational, and very true, very true.”

“An impact [by Shen Yun] that is long, long overdue. It depends on how much the people who visit the show will open their heart and will allow the thinking to come into their hearts about those words that were on the screen [backdrop]. That was a very very important message. And it will resonate with many people here, maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow but it will come into their body and soul.”