Theatergoer Fascinated by Shen Yun’s Color Combinations

March 18, 2017

“The dance is so methodical and graceful, and they’re all in tune with each other. That’s what’s really beautiful about it.”

“They (dancers) all smile. I love the smiles on the women. They’re always smiling. They look like they’re having fun.”

“Oh, the colors. We were talking about how magnificent the colors blend together, and they’re very spiritual and very soft. The yellow is just so, sunshine and light, and it’s really pretty.”

“I’m really fascinated by the background (digital projection), how they blend in the costumes and the background, and I like how they blend colors that I would never use together, like there’s the green with the pink, and usually you would have pink with purple, and so they have contrasts together that are very nice.”

“I do go to the theater a lot, and I’ve never seen this type of performance before. It is unique. It really is.”