Theatergoer Enlightens to Spiritual Aspects in Shen Yun

February 20, 2017

“I loved it, it’s interesting, it’s very beautiful. The colors and the spiritual aspect of it, a lot of things wrapped into one. I think it was very enlightening to see the spiritual side of another culture. I come from Christianity, from the Catholic faith, and to see the idea of the divine, and the spirit of the person, and the humanity of the person, it was very interesting to me.”


“I think one of the things that is making a connection for me is, they said tolerance, and I really started to understand the acceptance of other peoples, and other people’s ideas. … So I think it was a little bit enlightening for me to see this, it came at a good time in my life.”


“Even in Christianity, I realize our souls connect to God in a certain way, and when you see that across the board in all cultures, … it is beautiful and it connects people together.”


“Come and see it, see the beauty of it visually, there are both aspects of it: there’s the actual physical and beautiful aspect, then there is another part that connects with your soul, and the things you can take away from it on your interior, for your interior life.”