Theatergoer Enjoys Soprano’s Voice and ‘Very Powerful Message’

April 13, 2017

“I thought it was super. I really enjoyed the orchestra. They have some really talented musicians, and the coordination between the orchestra and the dancers was really profound. I mean they obviously practiced a lot. And I think it was beautiful.

“They had an outstanding trumpet player and trombone player, and then the people who played the Oriental instruments, especially the lady who played the two-stringed erhu. I think it was amazing that there would be so many different sounds coming out of a two-stringed instrument. I thought it was great.”

“The [soprano] really had a powerful voice, and it was a very powerful message — the words to the song that she was singing. I really enjoyed them.”

“The fact that they can’t perform in China, I think that was a valuable thing that here in America we need to know. And I think they brought that to light.”

“I really enjoyed it. I think that its something that everybody should get an opportunity to see, and I will encourage our thirteen grandchildren to go see it.”