Theater Owner: Shen Yun ‘Outstanding in every sense of the word’

April 15, 2017

“Brilliant, we’ve seen it four [to] five times.”

“Where will you see something like this? You can’t see anything like this anywhere else in the world.”

“You’ve got costumes, the spectacle of the stage, dancing, singing — unbelievable singing — and you have inspiration on top of it.”

“When you see the images on stage, you see, also the political climate. It is very admirable to see everybody on stage … you can’t do this in China; you can’t perform this in China; they can’t see this in China. It is very inspiring that this is not stopping them.”

“This is not stopping the artists from doing what they need to do, they do it anyway despite of all the challenges, and it is very inspirational.”

“I feel great. It is wonderful to watch.”

“I cannot wait to see the next one.”

“I loved it. Loved it. … They’ve done a tremendous job. It’s all first class, all top-rated.

“You are not going see this anywhere in the world like this, at the end, anything like this.
I’ve seen many shows, I go to New York. [I] haven’t seen anything like this.”

“Top-rated, outstanding in every sense of the word. … Great choreography, great singing, great technology, great lighting, great music.”

“The director did a great job. Is it the same director each year? How do they top themselves each year? How do they do it? How do they come up with…?”

They must be very very challenging to come up with something new every single time. Every time I walk out of here, I feel I have seen a different show. Absolutely.