‘The spirituality was so powerful I started crying’

January 22, 2017

“It is very heavenly. By heavenly, there’s a gracefulness [with] the dancers. …Even in their leaps, they are very, very graceful. They remind me of angels floating around.” 


“A year or two ago, when I [attended] my first show (Shen Yun), …the spirituality was so powerful that I started crying.”


“I was dumbfounded that this time, they’re telling about what happened with the communist [persecution]. And yet, the way the story was told, there was no revenge [by the victims] at all. They’re saying, ‘We had a way of understanding with God, and now we’re being deprived of it, and it’s not good for us.'”


“I just love it when, …they come down the scenery (backdrop), and then they pop up as real people; the timing is perfect. It looks like, yes, they really came down from the heavens, from the skies.”