‘The spiritual nature of this show is what really grabs me’

January 22, 2017

“We are all divine beings, and they are able to express their true nature and dance. And the thing that impressed me was the spiritual nature of this performance.”


“People forget about the Tiananmen Square [Massacre], they forget about the true nature of the Chinese people, that they are being oppressed by the government, and that’s why this show cannot be seen in China. 

“And the goodness in humanity has to come out; this is their way of expressing it, and that’s the beauty of this, [which] is that we are all divine beings, and we all seek goodness and we all seek to return home to heaven. 

“So the spiritual nature of this show is really, what really grabs me. It is beautiful, the pageantry, and the music, fantastic. But it is the real message that they are sending to us, and I think, that they have to be very brave to do that.”


“There is this whole flow of nature that is expressed in this performance, in each [piece]. It was just the beauty of gods in nature, and us wanting to be close to it. And the beauty in humanity, and the divine expression of that in everyone.” 


“So it is elevating for everyone, whether you are Chinese, or American, or whatever. It is just this beautiful portrayal of the human spirit and how gods infuse all of us, and lift us up.” 


“It reinforces my beliefs that we come from gods, and the message is we are here to become good, to repel the force of evil.”


“The lyrics were just fantastic. I love the lyrics. I really like the woman with the two-string instrument (erhu). …it is beautiful. And the idea that music can heal you, physically heal you, I completely believe that.”