‘The Performance Is Phenomenal, Pure,’ Herbalife Executive Says

April 8, 2018

“The performance is phenomenal. It’s characteristic of Chinese culture, an unedited version of what Chinese culture is about. Unedited, because it’s pure. Obviously it’s apolitical, which is very nice to see.”

“Very traditional. The history of China goes far beyond most other countries and cultures that exist. It’s nice to see both the colors, the humor, and the values — spirituality and culture.”

“[The music and the orchestra is] phenomenal.”

“[The dancers are] truly, truly, truly phenomenal. I’ve gone to China and seen many dances, traditional dances in China. This is a different perspective, and I truly enjoyed it, because many cities I’ve been to have done traditional dances. But this gives a story to the audience. I can understand what they are trying to tell us.”