‘The message of hope is universal,’ Navy Manager Says

March 13, 2018

“This is our third time to come. We came in 2015 and 2016. Had to skip last year because my wife was pregnant. And this year, she had to miss unfortunately because she’s home babysitting with our son. We did the next best thing by bringing the mother-in-law, her mother, and a friend to see the show for the first time.”

“My third time, but it always feels like a new experience, because the music and the dance and the costumes are so inspiring. I enjoy it very much.”

“I’m hoping when my son is older, because since he is dual ethnicity, Chinese and American, that he’ll come to appreciate this down the road.”

“The divine message that the show presents, I think is very reaching to an American spiritual audience—this message of hope is universal and worldwide.”

“I find the spiritual inspiration, and the desire for divinity and returning to Heaven that this show speaks of is very thought-provoking. And I think it reaches into someone’s soul and can inspire them.”