‘The dancing was out of this world,’ Associate Division Director Says

March 14, 2018

“I absolutely loved it. It was beautiful. The choreography was outstanding. The dancing was out of this world. I particularly liked the women; they’re so graceful and elegant. It’s a real experience.”

“I really appreciated that part [the stories], the way it was sort of woven throughout the entire production seamlessly tied to the music and the dancing, the opera. Everything sort of fit together nicely.”

“I particularly enjoyed the soprano. I thought she was beautiful. Both of them [soloists] though, beautiful voices and so much volume and power—the emotion that came through. It was wonderful.”

“The songs themselves are a part of that kind of tapestry of putting everything together. So I thought everything flowed very well—there was a definite flow to the performance.”

“Even the smallest of hand movements are timed perfectly, which I would imagine is very difficult—takes a lot of practice and a lot of dedication.”