‘The colors were out of this world,’ Says Lawyer

January 7, 2018

“We thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was magnificent. The colors were out of this world and the dancers were so elegant and athletic. Just a wonderful show, we really enjoyed it.”

“The dancers were so graceful and elegant, and at the same time there was also athleticism and acrobatics. The commentary by the two hosts in Chinese and in English was very informative and was very well received by us.”

“The fact that [Shen Yun is] unable to perform in China is certainly very, very regrettable, because you would have thought, as my wife mentioned to me earlier, that would be something the Chinese people would be so very proud of, and yet they can’t perform in their own country. So it’s very sad that’s not a possibility.”

“It makes me feel like we should start moving. [The dancers] are so athletic and so in shape—they could maybe encourage us to do the same!”