The Best Birthday Present Ever, Says Ottawa Business Consultant

December 30, 2017

“Oh [the dancing is] beautiful …It’s just completely different than whatever else you can find…You can’t find it anywhere else.”

“I think [the dancing] shows a lot of history and I think it shows a lot of pride which is absolutely key in anything you do, whether it’s work or you do dancing professionally, or anything. I think that’s kind of the key and that really comes through in every single act that they do, from the music; to the colours; to the choreography; to having so many people on stage at one time doing the exact same thing and timing it perfectly.”

“[The music is] beautiful and I like it how they have mixtures of Western and Chinese instruments and they melded so well.”

“I just feel alive and it feels like it’s the best birthday present ever.”

“It’s unique, it’s fun, it just gives a whole different side to a story.”

“I think it’s from the heart, I think it’s really trying to get through, and I think it does get through, at least to me, and that doesn’t happen with all kinds of music. Usually you listen to music just to feel good or to have something in the background, this is actually kind of trying to tell you something.”