‘The artistry was very uplifting,’ Pentagon Analyst Says

March 13, 2018

“It was a very uplifting, entertaining, and insightful display of color and culture. It was wonderful.”

“I just felt that the stories kind of portrayed that there was a possibility for a good ending … looking at the long perspective, that there was a good outcome to be followed if you stayed the course, stayed the path.”

“I think [the story-based dance ‘Awakening’] just means for me that you have to be willing to look at things from a different perspective and maybe put aside preconceived notions, things that you thought you knew, and look at things in a different way.”

“I do think [the performance] gives you that ability to self-reflect, to look inside yourself.”

“In terms of the artistry of the show, I just thought it was terrific … all the color, the dance, the precision of their hand placements, and their faces. I just thought the artistry was very uplifting.”

“It was just a wonderful opportunity, a wonderful experience.”