‘The art they perform is magic,’ Says City Councillor

January 22, 2017

“The art they perform is magic. … It’s breathtaking. It was really wonderful.”


“You really experience what they’re living and what their art means to them.”


“It was so beautiful. The costumes were elegant. Every piece was just a little bit more magical than the other one. It was just wonderful, we enjoyed it so much.”


“It’s such an education to get out to experience, being able to experience something like this. People can have ideas about Chinese or any culture, but until they go and experience something like this, they have no idea, I think.”


“I’m going to announce it at my council meeting. … I’m just going to say please go and enjoy the culture that this brings to our country. And it’s important to get out and learn these things and become accustomed to other people’s customs in their country and their land and what they do.”