Thai Tourism Official Finds Shen Yun Superb

March 23, 2017

“First, the entire performance is superb, including all of the dances and costumes. Second, with the combination of the Chinese and Western musical instruments, the music is very elegant. Third, the traditional Chinese culture showcased in each piece of the program is marvelous—stories from ancient times to the present day. Lastly, The Shen Yun show allows one to know how to live life.”

“The true life should be like what demonstrated in the show, which is full of peacefulness and compassion.”

“It [Shen Yun] can bring love and compassion to the world, and let people know how to make choices when living life.”

“This show should belong to the entire world. I think all the people around the world should see Shen Yun if they get the chance. Not only can it comfort our souls, but it can also enlighten us about the true meaning of compassion.”