Texas State Senator Connects with Traditional Chinese Culture at Shen Yun

December 30, 2017

“It is very exciting, I like the music, I like the dancing … The performance is very interesting and fascinating.”

“It is just fascinating, to see part of the performances, the arts, that try to show, in terms of dancing and artists, culture that really connects with all of us, in terms of life and history.”

“One of the things that I find very interesting and exciting, because I understand history, and the violence and wars that have taken place throughout the world, especially China, how it can become a great power, but also [is] going on in terms of censorship. What it is shown here is not allowed to be shown in China. It is really amazing for those of us who enjoy the freedom of expression, not only in terms of speeches, but also of arts and performance.”

“The fight for dignity and respect, and then you show that through arts, you show that through dancing, you show that through feeling and expression. So to me, this is a very beautiful show that I am really enjoying tonight.”