Texas Couple Enjoy Rich Ancient Chinese Culture at Shen Yun

December 28, 2017

“It’s a phenomenal presentation … I’ve very excited.”

“My wife and I planned this all year, so that when Shen Yun would come, we would be able to see it. And it is more than we expected. It’s very good.”

“We loved the production, it was absolutely outstanding … So we’re very honored that [Shen Yun] would come to show this part of China that we knew nothing about. Fantastic.”

“[United States] is only two hundred years old … We’re a melting pot of all nations, whereas China is a very very ancient country … it gives me something of [China’s] past to look upon, because China is a very rich culture for hundreds and hundreds of years. Each dynasty is a new page that no one knows anything about … We’re just fortunate to able to see such a small piece of it in a beautiful presentation. So we’re quite happy with that.”

“When I see the dance, I also see the meaning hidden inside the movements. This comes out as well, the essence of the emotions and the movement itself, not just the beauty and colors, but in the way it’s presented, is very important. It’s very spiritual as well. I’m very very impressed with that, thank you.”