Television Producers Enjoy an Evening of Culture with Shen Yun

April 15, 2017

“They’re excellent dancers. Clearly professionals, very well trained, very much in harmony.”

“The performance is great. I personally really enjoyed the yellow flower (“Yellow Blossom”) dance, and I really enjoyed the Tibetan drumming. It’s very nice insight into a culture that I’m not familiar with. So it’s been very educational and entertaining.”

“The flowers were very aesthetically pleasing, and I liked the fan dance. I felt that was an interesting way of expressing emotion and dance combined because it was a very fluid and beautiful performance. 

“The Tibetan dance I felt was very … powerful, strength, very masculine energy, whereas other performances felt more feminine, that one felt very masculine.”

“I love the video (digital projection) element of it. … I haven’t seen that before, and I think it’s really nice.”

“The costumes are great. I love the costumes; they’re very colorful. They’re very different in each scene. They also show the culture. It’s interesting to see the differences between the dances and between the regions that are being performed.”

Larissa Matsson, television producer
Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, United States
Shen Yun International Company
April 14, 2017