Teacher Appreciates the Moral Standards Expressed in Shen Yun Dances

April 25, 2018

“Everything is so beautiful, everything is perfect, the precision is amazing, the energy is amazing. The delicacy of the women and how they do everything is so beautiful. … The moral standard is just outstanding. I love them.”

“[Classical Chinese dance] is so beautiful. … It is interesting how they do different things with their bodies. It’s more expressive [than classical Western dance], so even though we are not speaking the same language, we are getting the message.”

“These people [Falun Dafa practitioners in the dance story ‘Unprecedented Crime’] are doing something so good. … It’s beautiful—the high moral standards.”

The song [lyrics] brought out, don’t be misled, keep your principles. … If everybody would have godly principles, we would live in peace forever!”

“[The orchestra is] beautiful! Because they add the Asian instruments, that gives it that extra level. But they incorporated the cello and trumpets and all that—that’s fascinating.”