Taiwanese Professor Finds His Heart Refreshed at Shen Yun

February 26, 2018

“I just felt very moved. I would like to thank them for the inspiration. It is like my heart, that has been affected by mold, is suddenly refreshed.”

“When the curtain was first open, I had this refreshing feeling, as well as the feeling of being blown away.”

“[One of the stories] reminded me of how in the modern society, with a lot of glamour and wealth, people often forget those who have stayed by their side or have offered a helping hand, when they are poor. … Shen Yun is spreading this old traditional belief—such as not forgetting one’s spouse—which will improve people’s morality.”

“Shen Yun is bringing us back to who we really are—our true nature …. And it is also kind of like a pot of very clean water, and it is poured down from our head, giving us a refreshing feeling, while showing us the beauty of traditional Chinese arts.”

“The performance has many themes … and one of them is quite contemporary, which is how we can find our true self, how we can have the purest of love, a love that is coming out from our heart, to live in this complicated world.”

“The astonishing music could like unlock the gate that has locked up our heart—how after we might have sheltered our heart because of complexity in life, we could face the world again with an open heart.”

“I think gods have given us life, but it is not about having a lonely life. We should help each other, love each other. … It is more than about living in this world. There should be love in the society. I think this is the overall feeling I get from the performance.”