Sydney Theatregoer: At Shen Yun, ‘I was dancing in my own heart’

March 29, 2017

“I tell you what, this show is phenomenal. But I wouldn’t actually call it a show, I call it a very spiritual awakening for a lot of people—and a lot of tears. The choreography, the costume, the colour, the music, I could feel it. I was dancing in my own heart with that. It was just extraordinary, absolutely extraordinary.”


“I’ve grown up in a very strong culture, Italian culture. It was always about, it is either this way, or the highway. But to express yourself and know what is right and wrong, as long as you know that, you’re on the right path.”


[Shen Yun displays] morals, values, core support, family, beliefs, how can I say? Also perhaps supporting each other through your train of thought. Believing in each other …  I’m just so glad we could have it here in Australia. I’m just happy to be here to experience it.”