Strategist: Shen Yun Production Quality and Value is High

April 17, 2017

“It’s very entertaining. I like the diversity, the colors, the motion.” 

“Very good production quality. High value. Great costumes. I love the beautiful background, the animated background, integrated with the dancing … high quality.” 

“I like the storytelling mostly. Every single production had a story to tell, like a fairy tale.” 

“It’s so beautiful. It adds to the spectacle.” 

“I like the one where [the character] went back in time, because it was poignant that he came back to the future, and his wife had already aged. It was a very strong story.”

“[The orchestra] was wonderful.” 

“[I would tell my friends] definitely come on down to see it while they can. It’s probably too late, probably already sold out. It’s our first time to see the show.”