Steve Markham Says Shen Yun Is Stunning

January 16, 2018

“It was stunning! First off it’s so visual and the colors are exceptional and the dancers and artists are amazing. What a great performance that we got to see tonight.”

“I think the colors were amazing. I think how the performers and the art express them self in integrating both live performance and animation was a beautiful art form and the music—the music is incredible.”

“[The costumes are] outstanding. That’s a designer of the year award right there for the costumes.”

“I think the idea of expressing your spirituality and not being able to do that and showing their heritage as a Chinese culture is amazing.”

“[Shen Yun is] very inspired, very spiritual, very connected between Heaven and Earth and so that’s, you know, the Creator, God is with us all and it’s good to see that. So, this is an unknown story and I’m really, really excited that you are telling the story.”

“[The music is] outstanding I mean, there’s music that I’ve never heard before. So, having original music is very, very nice and very, very, it just touches your soul.”

“[The solo performance] was amazing. First off, he’s very talented, but then being able to express the song in the way he did was something that was very touching. Thank you so very much.”