Station 19 Production Manager: Mesmerizing Performance

April 29, 2018

“The performance is stunning. It is absolutely stunning. The dancing is beautiful. The synchronization of the dancers is truly remarkable.”

“I also really am enjoying the educational aspect about the various Chinese cultures, subcultures, and how they’re being persecuted and destroyed in China. So I think that’s a really important thing to be bringing out through the beauty of dance, which is an amazing feat to do that and still make the evening beautiful and enjoyable.”

“I think the stories are absolutely beautiful, or they’re funny, but they really make people think. They’re very deep.”

“[The integration of the backdrop] is really ingenious. How they’re able to come from the foreground to go into the background is really quite clever.”

“[The live orchestra] is gorgeous. It’s really inspiring. It’s very energizing, and it’s just beautiful. It’s really beautiful. For example, you noticed that no one is talking in the audience at all. No one is sneezing. No one is moving. It’s truly mesmerizing.”

“I think the point about religious freedom is incredibly powerful, and I think more of us in the west who are able to exercise many different religions need to step forward to do what we can to try to help people in China to have that same religious freedom. So it’s very thought provoking.”

“Absolutely fabulous. Really fabulous and I truly hope all my friends can see this show next year.”