Sound and Spirit of Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Fills Carnegie Hall

'My jaw was wide open,' Journalist Says
October 11, 2014

NEW YORK—Local writer and journalist Ms. Celia Farber, who contributes to Epoch Times, was more than glad after having attended the first of two performances by Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall today. She was among the audience members who applauded with a standing ovation and were treated to three encores at the midday performance on Oct. 11.

“I absolutely loved it, I was crying at the end, it’s a little hard to describe, it was so different, it was magical, very very spiritually uplifting in a way that was most unusual,” said Ms. Farber.

She also mentioned that she was especially taken with the two conductors Mr. Milen Nachev and Mr. William Kuo.

And “there was a piece in the second half called “Bugler’s Holiday,” the piece with trumpets, it was just stunning, absolutely stunning, my jaw was wide open,” said Ms. Farber of the piece conducted by Mr. Kuo.

Behind the music of Shen Yun lies the belief that, like many enduring traditions, both classical Western and Chinese music are divine gifts, according to its website.

This feeling touched Ms. Farber deeply and she noted the differences between Shen Yun other concert experiences:

“I have to say it’s just a spirit that you feel in the room, in the music, and between the musicians, between the musicians and the audience, it’s really hard to say why, just different from a Western classical concert, maybe more technical, they were technically brilliant,” said Ms. Farber.

She continued to elaborate that for her, in a “Western concert, something about the spirit would be more subdued” while the spirit of the Shen Yun concert she had just experienced “was just really full and alive, you could feel it.”

‘A Huge Sound’

Media producer Ms. Lillian Gilden said that Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra "Was unique and very special.
Media producer Ms. Lillian Gilden said that Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra “Was unique and very special.” (Courtesy of NTD Television)

Media producer Ms. Lillian Gilden said that she had never been to a concert with as many members of the orchestra as today’s Shen Yun concert.

“Spectacular! And what I especially loved [is that] it was big, it was a huge sound, and I loved every minute of it,” Ms. Gilden said. “I also loved the idea of combining it with classical numbers. I thought it was unique and very special. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

In Shen Yun the Western orchestra serves as a foundation, accentuating the distinct sounds of the Chinese instruments and brings to life the melodies of the Middle Kingdom. This makes Shen Yun’s music unique and represents a new frontier in classical music, according to the website.

Ms. Gilden commented on the pieces that were adapted from Shen Yun’s dance performances.

“I thought the Chinese composers … , those numbers were especially moving. Those were incredible, for me, very emotional, I really felt the sound and sensitivity of the musicians as well as the soloists, were very special. It was emotional for me, in many ways. I’m very grateful I was here,” said Ms. Gilden.

Reporting by NTD Television and Kati Vereshaka

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is on a seven-city tour with performances in Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Toronto, Chicago, Miami, and Sarasota, through Oct. 27. For more information, visit

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