So Cool That Shen Yun Honors the Old Ways

February 23, 2018

“For us it hit home. It was very familiar, and it was cool to see the progression from the old history to the modern and the mix of both and honoring the old ways. … The long sleeves, the heaven dance, it was really cool. You don’t find a lot of people in touch with the old ways these days, and this seems like a way to get in touch with that—it’s important. People have become lost, and I hope they find it and this is a way to do that and to honor it and keep it alive. It was really cool, inspiring.”

I’m glad that [a dance about the communist persecution of Falun Gong] was incorporated. That was important. That message that came through was loud and clear, something that makes me want to go home and read into and research further and help support however I can because good people should help good people throughout the world.”