Small Business Owner: ‘We keep coming back because Shen Yun is amazing’

February 25, 2018

“[The performers], they’re amazing. They’re beautiful. They’re strong.”

“This was our third year [to see Shen Yun]. [We keep coming back] because it’s amazing. It’s very different—the dance, the gymnastics, the choreography. This time, we saw it close-up. In the past, we sat in a box. It’s just beautiful, every time.”

“[The big take-away from the performance was] the moral message in there about being good, living a good life. Also there’s a little bit about standing up to tyranny, that’s important. … [It makes you want to] live a good life. The fact that there are people here from China, where there is no freedom to celebrate [the] freedom of expression and religion, and we have that here.”